North Pole Christmas Eve Special Delivery Wooden crate


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A wooden personalised special Christmas Eve delivery box for your child. This crate will add magic to there Christmas as they will think that it has come all the way from the north pole via Santa’s very own North Pole Shipping company! It even has an official-looking North Pole Christmas Delivery stamp on it so it must be true!

This beautiful wooden box comes with enough shredded wood filling to fill the bottom half of the box to make it look even more festive.

This wooden Chrismas eve box is laser engraved so the detailing of the text and graphics will never fade. It’s strong, sturdy and comes already built so all that you need to do is fill with fun family treats. The box can be stacked with other boxes to so if you have more than one they’re easy to store.

This personalised Christmas eve crate is also great for the adults too! You could send one to your partner or nan and grandad!

Tip: Fill this Christmas Eve box with treats and leave a written note “from Santa” where they will find it. On the note tell them that there is a special delivery wooden box full of treats hidden somewhere in the house for them to find. Another idea is to leave it by the front door or on the landing for the children to find.

The wording on this crate is laser engraved and will arrive built and ready to use.

Size 15cm – W 31cm – D 23cm
Made From Wood
Can Be Stacked With The Same Boxes

Professionally Made
High Level Of Quality
Fast Dispatch
Made In England
Worldwide Shipping Available

Design Copyright: Occasions Boxed™ Ltd

Weight 1500 g

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