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Pin badges have been around forever but still very popular! They’re fun, informative and great for getting a message across to others! Badges never go out of fashion! Pin them to coats and bags or just add them to your growing collection! All the pin badges that we sell are professionally made and feature clear wording, bright colours and a quality finish.

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Disability Awareness Pins For Everyone

Disability pins are designed to help people with a huge range of disabilities including Hearing Loss, Deaf, Autism Spectrum, ADD, ADHD, Mental Health, Diseases, Cancer, Old Age, Communications Difficulties, Self Expression, Visually Impaired and many many more. Disability pins are informative, educational and sometimes witty! but above all there are excellent for raising awareness of a persons disabilities, feelings and needs.

All awareness pins are professionally made and are available in a range of 15 wonderful colours to suit the wearer. All awareness pins have clear and easy to read fonts so that the disability quote stands out and gets noticed. Pick from either 38mm or 58mm in size.

We offer a range of pre-made disabled pin badges for many common disability quotes if however you cannot find a quote that suits you you can design your own pin

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